Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Year in Review!

My first ever blog post! I feel slightly ridiculous, but at the same time, this is something I've wanted to start for a while. So... here we go.

To recap! In list and picture form!  The moments of 2011.

1. Began 2011 in New Orleans, a magical and incredible city/town that inspires and does something to the brain. Just being there, I felt like a better person.

2. Discovered I love to cook! I became a huge food blog fan and made many a delicious meal. I also made many a disastrous meal but I will choose to focus on the positive.

3.  In early February I embarked on a Winter Road Trip Adventure.  It was my birthday present to myself: 10 days of driving, dining, and happy adventure making.  From Atlanta to the Grand Canyon and back, making stops along the way - Memphis, Oklahoma (snowed in), Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Las Cruces, Austin and New Orleans.  Solo driving the entire way.  What an amazing and vast country we have here. 

oklahoma, during the giant winter storm

 albuquerque at night

 driving to zuniland in new mexico

 new mexico

 the grand canyon


5.  Picnics in the spring!

6.  A trip to Boone to see friends and loved ones.  Picnic on the parkway of course with my two closest friends there - Dan and Jamie.

7.  A trip to an island off the Georgia coast.  A beach trip is something I aim to do at least once every year.  This year's trip was perfect.

8.  Finding and immediately losing a lovely and beautiful dog named Baxley. 

9.  A two day trip to Brooklyn for my younger sister's 30th birthday.  I LOVE BROOKLYN.  One day I will live here with my sister and we will own the world.

10.  A trip to West Virginia to see my family and to get all the stuff (i.e., books) that had been in boxes and storage for the past 15 months. 

the canoe on the mountain

11.  Moving into a loft apartment in the heart of Atlanta!  A neighborhood to walk around in!  All sorts of businesses to frequent and houses to look at!

13.  Being in school again!  I love this so so much.

14.  Losing a friend named Taylor. 

15.  Visits from friends dear to my heart.  Such a lovely thing.  Visits.  I need more of them to happen this year.

16.  Completing my first photo project.  Forcing myself to shoot and re-shoot and re-shoot and re-shoot.  And edit and print and re-print and re-print.  I feel like I know everything there is to know about Farmer's Markets in Atlanta.  I don't.  But I FEEL like I do.  Small difference.

Ok.  I am ready.  2012, here we go!